Frequently Asked Questions



One size fits most. They are adjustable and will size to almost any foot.

What are they made of?


The body is made of 4-way stretch nylon. The toe is premium grade leather. The sole is made of premium grade suede. All of these materials combine to form the most comfortable, durable, and quiet shoe out there for stalking.

Are they cactus proof?

They are not cactus proof. They will prevent punctures from most stickers, goatheads, and other plant materials. The sole is very strong and will knock the edge off of most sharp surfaces.

Lacing up Rimrok Stalkers

Other information:


Water resistant, they can be used in  cold crunchy snow for a short period of time. They are not insulated, however, so they won't protect your feet from the cold. We recommend a warm pair of socks inside of the Rimrok Stalker.
They are meant to be worn tight, so make sure you adjust all laces and cinching.


They are designed to be worn over your socks, not over boots.