Why Rimrok Stalkers?



Rimrok Stalkers have been an evolving prototype over the course of 5 years. We have always felt that is it very important to take off your boots and put on wool socks for the final approach of your stalk. That seemed to work great, except when stalking in steep or uneven terrain, which seems to be most every hunt in the West. Wool socks seem to always be slippery and want to roll over, which makes it hard to control your foot falls on a stalk. We've blown many stalks because of uneven and slippery footing which caused us to slip or just make too much noise. We tried a few of the stalking shoes on the market which were almost all designed to slip over your boots. None of them seemed to work effectively. They were all bulky and poorly designed. This is when we decided to make a custom stalking shoe for bowhunting big game out west. The Stalker would slip directly on your feet after removing your boots for the final approach, not over your boots. They are designed to stay in place on your feet and have no "roll over effect". After years of research and development, we feel we have finally solved the issues of the stalking shoe with this innovative new product. Give yourself the edge this Fall with Rimrok and try our new Stalker. Our Stalker is made out of the finest material and built in the USA. It also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a limited lifetime warrant on stitching and craftsmanship.